Edmund Burke School

THe Challenge

As key milestones approached, Edmund Burke was in immediate need of a true branding partner. A partner that could quickly understand the school’s culture, ethos and challenges in order to produce solutions for advancement and admissions.


Burke has a unique story of individuality and social justice—one that resonates with millennial parents and Gen Z students—we just needed to share it.


the execution

Through in-person visits, remote interviews, qualitative questionnaires and existing creative guidelines, Creosote crafted an expression to engage both prospective students and donors.

We drew on Burke’s progressive and refreshing approach to education and the school’s deep connection to social justice. This inspired a modern viewbook focused on authenticity and intellectual challenge, and a compelling call to all community members to stand up for Burke students and its future.


The Deliverables

  • Photography and videography

  • Campaign name, theme and wordmark

  • Campaign case statement

  • 50th anniversary logo

  • School anniversary display and installation

  • Print admissions viewbook

  • Interactive admissions viewbook



Through Creosote's work we've conveyed the energy of Burke's vibrant student body to prospective families and reintroduced the school and its mission to past generations of alumni.