Newark Academy

THe Challenge

To build on its recent successes, Newark charged Creosote with using existing research to develop a fresh brand expression that would offer an immersive online experience for prospective families.


We’re a little ‘over-subscribed’ enrollment-wise … it’s a wonderful problem to have.
— Lisa Grider, Director of Institutional Advancement


the execution

Newark Academy has realness: a warmth and lack of pretention that we felt right away on our visits. The Academy is able to take education seriously, yet it approaches learning with joy and humor. To reflect its distinct personality, we made sure the tone of our editorial was frank and sincere, the design classic but dimensional. “Let’s get to the heart of what matters about a school” is a main focal point of both the interactive and print mini viewbooks.


The Deliverables

  • Photography

  • Interactive viewbook

  • Mini viewbook

  • Introductory video

  • Website redesign consultation

  • Web editorial


The Results

In its first three months, the interactive viewbook attracted 1,400 users, 75 percent of whom were new visitors. Creosote’s efforts strengthened their brand, communicated the value of a Newark education and fostered continued interest among target markets.