The Governor’s Academy

THe Challenge

As the oldest continuously operating boarding school in the country, Governor’s Academy needed to convince a new generation of families that “old” does not mean “outdated.”


Inquiries increased 60 percent compared to the previous fall.


the execution

Creosote’s research unveiled an opportunity to communicate that Governor’s has been committed to innovation in the classroom since its origin in 1763—and always will. Creosote developed the creative expression, “Always Governor’s.” We produced an engaging and memorable admissions communication flow, which would promote not only Governor’s longevity and pride in tradition, but also the promise of what Governor’s will do for future generations.


The Deliverables

  • Brand research and strategy

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Acceptance and yield packages

  • Print viewbook

  • Travel brochure

  • Mini viewbook

  • Print advertising

  • Interactive viewbook

  • Arts video


The Results

The interactive viewbook garnered nearly 700 unique page views in the first three months of its launch, and inquiries increased 60 percent compared to the previous fall.

Before working with Creosote, I was skeptical that one agency could successfully handle exhaustive research, the creative expression and successful implementation. … My opinion has completely changed. … The work we have done together is unique and innovative and has led to real results.
— Peter Mason, Former Director of Marketing and Communications