The Haverford School

THe Challenge

Haverford was facing a market that questioned single-sex education as a best practice, aggressive competition on Philadelphia’s Main Line, a variety of misperceptions and enrollment shortages at critical Lower School entry points.


Lower School applications have increased 13 percent.


the execution

Through in-depth qualitative and quantitative methodologies, external perception research, concept testing and an extensive competitor analysis, Creosote identified core brand messages and produced targeted, powerful admissions marketing communications that reestablished the Haverford School’s position of excellence.

Our strategy highlighted how Haverford builds great men intentionally, using inspiring language reminiscent of the hero’s journey.


The Deliverables

  • Brand research and voice

  • Admissions strategy

  • Strategic photography and videography

  • Three division-specific videos

  • Facebook video advertising

  • Print viewbook

  • Outcomes brochure

  • “Extraordinary Educators” brochure


The Results

“We received so much more than new materials. Our community was reinvigorated, prospective families paid more attention to us, and we learned a lot about ourselves in the process. Creosote promised us there was no one who would work harder to get the right message to the right people—and they delivered.”

—Jessica Welsh, Director of Marketing and Communications