The Meadowbrook School

THe Challenge

Facing a competitive landscape in the Boston suburbs and significant changes on campus, Meadowbrook turned to Creosote to identify a clear market position, build a larger applicant pool and better align the school’s strengths with the values and expectations of internal and external audiences.


We chose Creosote because they have a clear understanding of the independent school world and show a desire to do things differently. We were immediately drawn to their data-based approach and all-hands-on-deck team.
— Pam Scafati, Director of Marketing and Communications



the execution

Creosote’s competitor study, discussion groups, brand workshops, quantitative survey, story cultivation, and demographic and geographic research uncovered an education that goes beyond all others so children will achieve the highest levels of individual success. We developed a brand strategy and expression that makes this immediately clear to parents who seek top academics: we go beyond—so they will.

 This conceptual idea illustrates how Meadowbrook approaches educating children. The idea of going beyond, going farther, doing and thinking more captures every aspect of why and how Meadowbrook does what it does.

The Deliverables

  • Comprehensive brand guide and summary

  • Brand training and roll-out strategy

  • Photography

  • Marketing strategy and plan

  • Direct mail efforts

  • Print and digital advertising

  • Travel brochure

  • Print viewbook

  • Outcomes brochure

  • Acceptance package


The Results

Launched in the fall of 2018, the school’s position as the best, most rigorous academic program in the area continues to be strengthened. Leadership at Meadowbrook has truly filled the role of a “brand champion”—living the brand through actions and influence. Together, we’re empowering the entire community to positively contribute to branding efforts.

Creosote made their recommendations on more than just instinct. We have been thrilled with the results of our partnership so far. Our new pieces are beautiful and showcase our school perfectly.
— Pam Scafati, Director of Marketing and Communications