Messaging Beyond the Mission: The Meadowbrook School

An exceptional academic program. High expectations. Love. A culture of innovation. Deliberate decision making. Bright spaces. Enthusiastic learners. At The Meadowbrook School, no dream is too big.

In one year, Creosote partnered with Meadowbrook to research, strategize and position their brand and its place in a highly competitive market. With recent additions to the school’s campus and curriculum, and a new head of school charting his vision, Meadowbrook was ready to tell their story—heartfelt and unabashed.


This entire school community lives and breathes its mission: “we will know, love, and challenge every child.” Yet three direct competitors also claim this as a marketing message. To differentiate the school more clearly, we looked towards their prospective market. What do parents truly value? How does Meadowbrook continuously deliver this for every child in every aspect of their growth? We then crafted Meadowbrook’s brand voice and personality around a single belief statement: 


If a brand is anything, it’s people. We started there, our teams intentionally engaged faculty at each major stage of our research and brand launch—giving the head of school an opportunity to take a lead role and create buy-in from the start. On-campus brand presentations and training sessions, brand guides and promotional items all informed and gathered the strength of a determined internal community before going to market. Meanwhile, we crafted a flagship viewbook, travel piece, direct mail and digital, print and large format advertising for the fall admissions season.

To garner immediate attention, the expression is inspirational and simple. Critical proof points always follow the initial message—facts and short examples that clearly illustrate Meadowbrook’s educational approach and student outcomes to show prospective families that there is substance behind the marketing.

In 2019, we will be focusing on a content-based marketing plan, outcomes and middle school brochures, and an acceptance package to secure the applicants we attracted in the fall.

Branding is hard work, and not always tangible. Training sessions with the board and parents, handwritten notes by admissions officers, open house speaking points, one-on-one conversations with faculty—these are the efforts that give Meadowbrook the ability to message beyond their mission and give their brand unstoppable momentum.

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Written by Emily Hajjar, Art Director and Brand Strategist at Creosote Affects

Creosote Affects helps schools, colleges and universities nationwide find their brand voice in highly competitive markets. We are a comprehensive branding firm—executing research, strategy and creative.

Emily Hajjar